Oct 20 – 21, 2022
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Europe/Rome timezone

Scientific Program

The scientific program includes plenary, invited, contributed sessions and posters

MAIN TOPIC: “The European Data Ecosystem for the Statistical Information of the Digital Age"

CESS 2022 will offer the possibility to discuss several topics from the viewpoint of the Methodologists, Producers and Users of Statistics. They are included below, but not limited to:

  • Environmental, Economic and Social Statistics

    • Green deal and environmental statistics

    • Migration and Demography in Europe

    • Statistics for enhanced Economic governance and fast recovering

    • Poverty and Social Exclusion: Measuring Employment and Social Developments

    • Measuring the Sustainable Development of Europe

    • Measuring Inequality, Poverty and Social Problems

    • Statistics on FinTechs and innovative activities in the financial sector

    • Statistics on crypto assets, crypto markets and crypto ecosystems

    • Distributional national and financial accounts

    • Measuring digitalization and intangible capital

    • Measuring globalization: cross-border activities of multinational enterprises, global value chains, foreign assets

  • New Statistical Methodologies

    • Improving Timeliness and Modernisation of Statistical Production Processes

    • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for official statistics

    • Non-traditional (big) data sources: methods, tools, quality

    • Georeferenced data and Spatial Statistics Methods for Official Statistics

    • Graphical and Network Models and Analysis for Official Statistics

    • Machine learning, Clustering and other innovative methods of analysis for decision making

    • Experimental Statistics

    • Smart Statistics

    • Text mining and Natural language Processing

    • Improving Statistical Literacy

    • Data science skills for the next generation of Statisticians

    • Microsimulation models, methods and tools for policy support

  • European Data Ecosystem: Data access, use, protection, governance and communication

    • Data Protection and Confidentiality

    • Evolving European legislation and reuse of new data sources for future statistics

    • Data quality management and efficient user feedback loops

    • A Common European Data Ecosystem for the Statistical Information in the digital age

    • New Principles and Models of data governance for the European Data Ecosystem

    • Strategies of Communication for European Statistics in the digital age

    • Use and misuse of statistics, ethical principles in the new data ecosystem

  • Poster session